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10 collections that will make your photos stand out! +170 best lightroom presets in one place and pack

Black Ruby
Banff Mobile
Bright Airy

? Everyday Bright Presets work amazingly in one click on Indoor and Outdoor, Home Interiors, Family Photos, Lifestyle, Travel, Fashion, Blogger, Wedding, and Portrait Images. Create beautiful blog images or social media images with one click. Perfect to easily enhance everyday photos!

  •  Outdoor natural vibe perfect for Instagram themes
  •  Made by a professional photographer
  • Consistent results with no harsh colors or lighting

DESIGN143 / Presets work with All Versions of Lightroom Mobile & Lightroom Desktop and with Photoshop ACR.

  • Mobile Lightroom Presets (DNG)
  • Desktop Lightroom Presets (LR)
  • Lightroom & Photoshop Presets (XMP)
  • Step-by-step PDF guide with video instructions
  • Works With The Free & Paid Lr iPhone App
  •  Works With The Free & Paid Lr Android App
  •  Works With All Lightroom Desktop Versions
  •  Works With Photoshop ACR
  •  Works With Mac & PC
  •  Works With JPG & RAW Formats

© Design143. All Rights Reserved. By purchasing this product you agree to the Terms of Use included in the download. Do not share the files, or sell them in any form. Derivative works are also prohibited.
Contact us with any questions regarding your order or using your presets we will be happy to help!


  1. Anna N.

    I love the aesthetic feel of this presets. Got a lot of awesome feedback .
    Thank you

  2. Juan Pablo A.

    Great colors, the leaves get this beautiful orange cast but the skin and other urban elements keep at is original color. great! I recomend.

  3. Aimee M.

    Beautiful, bright, vibrant preset. Just what I was looking for to get my insta feed in synch.

  4. Kassidy W.

    Love this preset !

  5. Valentina D.

    I love these lightroom presets!!! My pictures are looking so lovely and the quality is getting even better. I will use them forever, no joke.

  6. Jo J.

    DESIGN143 is so colorful. you are the best.

  7. breana Midgorden

    So easy to upload at first I was like there’s no way I can do this, was totally easy + the photos come out so great w these presets. So worth it!! Improved my photo quality 100%

  8. Haley Jamison

    This is definitely a win win purchase! I love so many of these presets! So fun and different ones that can make your photos so creative! It was an easy transfer from downloading and getting them to Lightroom! Love love love!

  9. Mya

    Absolutely LOVE these presets!! So beautiful and they make my pictures look professional!!

  10. Briley Jordan

    These presets are so pretty & super easy to use! I’ve never actually bought presets before because i’m super picky about how they look but there are so many options and they all look so good/ make my pictures look more professional & i love!!!

  11. Angie Cheka

    Love! Excited to edit my photos with these amazing presets!!

  12. Tudor

    Absolutely Love it!!! Looks great on my pics!!

  13. Whitney

    These presets are BEAUTIFUL! As a college student I don’t have a lot of extra money to spend. So these presets are perfect because there is one for every season of the year as well as for many different lighting scenarios! I highly recommend these presets – super easy to install too!

  14. Justice bright

    These presets are soooo good!! i am actually just starting to get more into photography and these presets are great to edit all my photos!!

  15. Kelly Widrick

    This is the first time I have ever purchased presets. I am new to photography and my sister told me about them. I have been having so much fun playing with these presets and I just want to get out and take more pictures! Kasey sent easily understandable directions on downloading the files to both your phone and computer. Her customer service is on point and messaged me that same day to thank me for my purchase! Already looking at other presets I can get from her! Highly recommend.

  16. Elle

    I’ve never bought presets before so I was skeptical on purchasing, but these turned out great! So easy to download and put into Lightroom and are so pretty!! Love!!!

  17. Jenna Myers

    Love these presets! And the installment instructions were super easy to follow!!

  18. Paola

    I have been nervous to buy presets because I didn’t know how to work Lightroom but I needed to get a cohesive look for my business IG and I went for it. The directions provided were super clear and included pictures. I should’ve done this a while ago because it is actually fairly easy and the presets are so beautiful! Thank you for a great product!

  19. Sally Cross

    The presets are incredible! The bundle I picked had everything and more and at a great price.. DESIGN143 was super helpful and friendly and my photos look so professional now couldn’t rate high enough!!

  20. Jessica

    The presets in this bundle are awesome for those who love vivid and colorful looking pictures! I was able to instantly download them and the instruction manual provided by the shop owner was easy to read and follow. Additionally, her customer service is great!

  21. nicole nolen

    Thank you so much. All the presets turned out perfectly and the instructions was spot on and made everything so easy to figure out! Can’t wait to order more! Thank so much.

  22. ianca Rocha

    These presets are so beautiful and easy to use. This bundle is everything. I love it!!!

  23. Daniel Ac

    It has a preset for everything and more! I’m using them for my Christmas photos and OMG! They make my photos look amazing!

  24. Chloe

    Perfect and so cute for Instagram filters. Easy to download ! Very helpful!

  25. Haley Lunn

    So easy to download and use! So many options for every picture! I love them!

  26. Samira Richard

    All I needed for my photos thank you 🙏🏼

  27. Stefani Solorzano Hansen

    This bundle was everything I had hoped for! Beautiful mixture of filters for any occasion!

  28. Kaelyn

    10/10 recommend 😍

  29. danamarielove

    Installing was super easy!! Presets are absolutely GORGEOUS and i cant wait to use them all!!

  30. Lauren Campbell

    These presets are amazing and so easy to install and use! I’m excited to try them all out on my photos!

  31. Valerie Speight

    Shop owner is super sweet! This preset bundle has everything you can think of. I even downloaded them on my phone right into my Lightroom app! I love them!

  32. Kiley Kidd

    Super easy and adorable filters!

  33. Maira Moretti

    Tutto ok, mi sono trovata bene e devo ancora sperimentarli tutti! Mi divertirò sicuramente a modificare foto 🙂

  34. Betty Richey

    I love the presets!!

  35. Krupa Patel

    I loved the presets so much! I haven’t used it too much yet but they were very easy to upload into lightroom on my ipad! I’ll definitely be buying more when I need them

  36. Brittany Colon

    Gave all my photos that extra pop!

  37. Christina Bedekovich

    Such cute filters would highly recommend

  38. Summer Wilson

    Perfect presets! Time Saver for sure!

  39. Keri

    Beautiful presets that make it super easy to edit my photos to fit the aesthetic I am looking for! Instructions for download are super easy to follow!

  40. Hayley Howell

    I LOVE these presets!!

  41. Shirlene

    So worth it. Fits many aesthetics.

  42. Savannah Berella

    So easy to download and all of the filters are so cute!! Thank you☺️☺️🤍

  43. Kay Valentine

    Hands down the BEST preset package I’ve ordered!

  44. Morgan

    Presets are beautiful. Thank you!

  45. Bianca Rocha

    These presets are so beautiful and easy to use. This bundle is everything. I love it!!!

  46. chloesisson128

    i LOVE these presets!! look good on indoor and outdoor pictures, food and people! bright and warm, definitely buy!

  47. Jessica Hurd

    One of my favorite presets !!

  48. marisanicole

    Amazing presets! So pretty!

  49. Inna

    Installation was successful! Already edited some photos! I will use this product more.

  50. Lauren

    super easy to download and use

  51. Logan Ketchum

    The presets look great and are better than expected

  52. Juan Ketchum

    Lovely presets. Thank you very much.

  53. Juan Ketchum

    Lovely presets. Thank you very much!

  54. hoiyeegray

    Great presets. Thank you very much!

  55. Nancy

    I 100/10 recommend this !

  56. Abby Clark

    I ordered these for a photoshoot I did this weekend they they turned out PHENOMENAL. Looks SO professional

  57. Ciearra

    OBSESSED!!!😍 As a photographer the amount of presets on the market to use is a little overwhelming lol but so glad I happened to find these presets! Love the warm tones and slight saturation they give, they’re a great base for me when editing clients photos.

  58. Eléonore Del Medico

    I bought these presets for fall and Winter ! They are perfect for cosy interiors and even for the pictures outside ! I love them 😍

  59. karli vega

    love all the presets easy to use! thank you i will buy more again!!!

  60. Katie may

    These are perfect! I love the way it makes the fall leaves pop 😍

  61. Anna-Lena Franz

    Erfüllte meine Erwartungen zu 100% und ich verwende die presets bei all meinen Bildern *.* Und die Installation ging auch sehr schnell und einfach

  62. maria kivikoski

    I had some issues downloading presets but I got help. Thank you for that!! They’re perfect and I’ll deffinately going to use them for a long time 👌🏼

  63. Abigail Aaron

    thank you! my pictures look awesome

  64. Nicole Kollhoff

    So ein wunderschönes Preset. 🤍

  65. Michayla

    Great quality, very happy with the quantity.

  66. Kelsey Douma

    Love these presets. Makes my photos look so much better!

  67. macyminor2

    love these! the presets are perfect for lightroom quality!!

  68. Sabina Slomic

    These are amazing presets, something i would recommend getting. My photos look even better.

  69. Glykeria

    It took me a while, but I figured out how it works. The presets are amazing. Thank you ❤️

  70. Peyton Hughes

    Amazing presets! For the price and how many you get you are crazy for not jumping on this!

  71. Jessica Frost

    Fantastic presets! Such a good price and they’re all so nice

  72. stephanie

    Love the presets and they looked good on the wedding pictures!

  73. Carlos Coronado

    Love this presets❤️

  74. Norman Vik

    A great bundle! Perfect for what I am working on.

  75. Timese

    I absolutely love the presets!

  76. Ester I

    Super easy to install and use! They are beautiful!

  77. Babe Cave Craft Co

    this is exactly what i thought. great filters!!

  78. Brooke

    enjoyed the photo edits. easy to download!

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