Premium Moody Dark Lightroom Presets


? Create consistent photo edits with Lightroom Presets.*Premium Moody Dark*, Lightroom presets, Blogger photo presets, mobile presets and desktop presets, instagram Filters.

? Everyday Bright Presets work amazing in one click on Indoor and Outdoor, Home Interiors, Family Photos, Lifestyle, Travel, Fashion, Blogger, Wedding, and Portrait Images. Create beautiful blog images or social media images one click. Perfect to easily enhance everyday photos!

?? Outdoor natural vibe perfect for instagram themes
?? Made by a professional photographer
?? Consistent results with no harsh colors or lighting

DESIGN143 / Presets work with All Versions of Lightroom Mobile & Lightroom Desktop and with Photoshop ACR.

?? Mobile Lightroom Presets (DNG)
?? Desktop Lightroom Presets (LR)
?? Lightroom & Photoshop Presets (XMP)
?? Step-by-step PDF guide with video instructions

?? Works With The Free & Paid Lr iPhone App
?? Works With The Free & Paid Lr Android App
?? Works With All Lightroom Desktop Versions
?? Works With Photoshop ACR
?? Works With Mac & PC
?? Works With JPG & RAW Formats

© Design143. All Rights Reserved. By Purchasing this product you agreeing to the Terms of Use included in the download. Do not sharing the files, or sell them in any form. Derivative works are also prohibited.
Contact us with any questions regarding your order or using your presets we will be happy to help!
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